Recreational Areas Now Open to the Public


The San Carlos Tribal Council, under the authority of the Tribal Constitution, Article V, Section 1, (f), opens all recreational areas to the public. Monsoon moisture over the past few weeks has reduced the risk of fire danger. High humidity has increased moisture of dead fuels, rainfall has been spotty, however, Level 2 Fire Restrictions are still in effect. The following acts are prohibited on San Carlos Apache Tribal lands until further notice: Igniting, building, maintaining, attending, or using a fire, campfire, including charcoal and briquettes. Liquid petroleum or LPG fueled stoves may be used in an area that is barren [...]

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Ducey calls special legislative session for wildfire emergency funding


Gov. Doug Ducey chats with SCAT Chairman Terry Rambler, after taking a tour of wildfire damage. Photo by Howard Fischer / Capitol Media Services Gov. Doug Ducey called Thursday for a special legislative session for quick approval of wildfire emergency funds, saying the current fires are just the beginning of problems. "It's clear that we still have a lot more to do,'' Ducey said after taking a helicopter tour over the fires and charred remains of the Telegraph and Mescal fires. "The response won't end when the fires are put out,'' he continued. "When this year's monsoon rains come, these burned [...]

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Mescal Fire Declared State of Emergency


Be it resolved by the Council of the San Carlos Apache Tribe that: The Tribe declares a disaster and state of emergency as a result of the Mescal FireThe Tribe requests disaster assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.The Governor of Arizona is hereby informed of the disaster and state of emergency.The Tribe demands that the BLM investigate the cause of the fire and prosecute anyone responsible to the fullest extent of the law. Read the full Tribal resolution in this PDF: mescal-resolution-JN-21-082Download Here are PDF copies of letters sent to AZ Governor Ducey and US President Biden requesting emergency assistance: [...]

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Administrative Leave Due to Mescal Fire


The San Carlos Council, by consensus, has approved administrative leave on Monday June 7, 2021 and Tuesday June 8, 2021, for tribal employees due to safety reasons from the Mescal Fire. All emergency personnel please check with your immediate Supervisor for your schedule. I ask you to please pray for the safety of our firefighters, for rain, for calm winds and for our firefighters to gain control of the fire. Download the PDF of the memos here: mescal fire admin leave memo for 6-7-21Download mescal fire admin leave memo for 6-8-21Download

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